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When does your next session start?

Do I have to buy a membership?

- If your child is 18 months to 3 years of age:  Tumble Tikes

- If your child is 3-5 years of age: Tumble Tots

- If your son is school-aged:  Boys Beginner or Tumbling

- If your daughter is school-aged:  Explore or Tumbling

If you feel your child is advanced and should start in a higher class level, please contact us to schedule an evaluation.  A staff member will assess your child's skills and determine which class would be the best fit.  

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we love when parents stay and watch their child's class.  We ask that parents refrain from interacting with their child during class, though.  It is important for students to be listening to their coach and fully engaged in class.  Following the coach's instructions helps build trust between athlete and coach.  Having distractions from the bleacher area creates an unsafe environment for both the coaches and students.  Our coaches are highly trained and can handle issues that arise in class.  Please allow our coaches to maintain control and order of their class.  If your child's behavior becomes distracting or dangerous, they will be sent to sit with the parents in the bleachers (if the parent is present) and sent for when their behavior improves.  Anyone observing classes must remain outside of the gym area at all times, this includes all children.  Children not participating in class are the responsibility of an observing adult and are not permitted in any part of the gym area at any time.  We strictly enforce this rule.

Classes at Oxford Hills Gymnastics are for members only.  If you do not wish to become a member of our gym, you are welcome to attend special events, camps, open gym or schedule a private lesson.

What should my child wear/bring to class?

When you register your child, s/he is enrolled in ONE class that meets once a week on the specified date and at the specified time (i.e. Monday Explore class that meets from 4-5 PM).  Your monthly tuition is based on having an average of four classes per month.  Some months end up having more than four classes, some have less.  We do not prorate for shorter months, nor do we charge extra for longer months.

My child missed a class.  What options do we have to make it up?

We do not follow the school schedule.  We have students from several school districts.  We will e-mail all families who have classes on a day when we cancel for any reason.  We also announce cancellations on our website, Facebook page, and on our voice mail.  We encourage you to check those sources periodically if you have any doubt about your child's class.  Decisions about cancellation are made no later than one hour prior to the start of the class.  If Oxford Hills Gymnastics cancels a class, everyone enrolled in that class will be given an open gym pass that can be used at any time, unless they make arrangements to make up in another class.

How much is tuition?

Are parents allowed to stay and watch their child's class?

We don't do sessions.  Enrollment is on-going.  You may register at any time, so long as there is room in your desired class.  We keep the same schedule throughout the school year and tend to make slight changes in the summer months.

Do you cancel class when school is closed?

We offer private lessons on a very limited basis.  Our main focus is on our existing programs and enrolled students.  Private lessons are not a suitable replacement to weekly classes but rather a way to refine existing skills.  We believe in sound progressions as safety is our #1 priority at Oxford Hills Gymnastics.  We will work with the athlete at their current skill level and provide the opportunity to do drills to help refine and build on those skills.  Private lessons are a half hour in length and we charge $40/30 mins.  Contact us to discuss your athlete's goals and schedule a private lesson with one of our skilled coaches.

Tumble Tikes: $54/mo

Tumble Tots: $59/mo

Explore: $65/mo

Learn: $65/mo

Boys Beginner: $65/mo

Tumbling: $65/mo

Build/Expand: $70/mo

​Boys Advanced: $70/mo

How many classes are included in my tuition?

Please send your child to class with athletic attire.  Leotards for girls are great but not required.  We ask that clothing be relatively form-fitting as baggy clothing gets in the way and can cause safety hazards.  Shorts and leggings (but not tights) work well.  If your child is wearing a shirt, please ensure it will be able to stay tucked in for the duration of class.  Absolutely no zippers, rivets, hoodies, jeans or skirts.  Please note that if your child is not properly dressed for class, a change of clothes will be requested.  If proper attire is not worn, your child will not be able to participate in class.  Long hair must be pulled back away from the face, neck and back.  If your child's hair is especially long, it may need to be braided or put in a bun.  We take water breaks during classes so students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class.  We sell bottles of water at the gym for $1, which can be purchased from any one of our coaches prior to the start of class.

Which class should I enroll my child in?

If your child misses a class, they may attend open gym for no additional charge, or contact us to schedule a make up in another class.  Unless choosing open gym, make ups must be done in the same program as the class your child missed.  For instance, if your child misses an Explore class, the make up must be done in another Explore class.  We will make special arrangements for make ups for boys, Build and tumbling classes.  Your child must be currently enrolled in a class at the time of the make up.