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​Mechanic Falls, ME 04256


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Oxford Hills Gymnastics is a proud member of the National Gymnastics Association.  The National Gymnastics Association is a non-profit organization founded to provide competitive gymnastics in a simplified format with unified rules and deductions.  This program is intended to provide a consistent, positive, forward moving experience for all participants.  

​Any of our recreational gymnasts may compete in levels 1 or 2, provided they meet the minimum skill requirements found here.  Their level will be determined by their coach.  They will participate in their regular gymnastics class to work on the necessary skills, as well as a separate temporary meet prep class.  The meet prep class will teach the gymnasts routines for each event, as well as expectations at a gymnastics competition.  If your child has competitive aspirations, please consider becoming a gold member of our club.  More information on our membership tiers can be found here.  

Competition in levels 3+ for Oxford Hills Gymnastics is reserved only for members of our competitive team.  This is a very small, exclusive group of highly dedicated gymnasts.  These gymnasts train twice a week for a total of five hours.  This is a HIGH COMMITMENT program and spots are held for one season at a time.  Invitations will be extended every season and are based upon many factors, including attendance, attitude, attention to detail, and coachability.